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The Gospel illuminates the path to a bright, bold, and beautiful future

This vision fuels our passion to meet you where you are and guide you on your own journey of transformation
Now we're on a mission. Connecting HEARTS with the hope of the Gospel. Everywhere

This is the beginning of an amazing journey

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Our Story

When I started OneAccord TV, I thought I understood how to change the world, but after meeting a mentor, I realized I knew nothing.

I didn’t have the courage to be vulnerable. I tricked myself into believing I had to perform and perfect. I didn’t want to be weak, I wanted to be strong.

When my heart became one with the Gospel, that was the moment that changed everything

After years of hopes and fears, ups and downs, setbacks and exhaustion, I became free. I was no longer imprisoned by my own blind spots. I had a clear assurance, and a vivid picture of a bright, bold and beautiful future.

This journey has transformed my life and I’m excited to share this experience with you. I hope it will change you as much as it has changed me.

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Your Journey

The Gospel is about change. But, change is scary because it disrupts the status quo. Discover the courage, clarity, and mindset that moves you and ignite change.

Transformation starts with embracing your fears, not just your hopes

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And sustained by a powerful vision of a new future

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And accelerates when it becomes a movement

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If you seek real lasting change, don't go it alone. Let us be your guide on this transformational journey, with OneAccord TV's free tools, training, and resources.


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The Gospel is the most powerful lens through which you’ll ever see. It brings into focus the part of us that influences the way we think, and act — The Heart.

It’s an inspiring journey of hope and self-discovery. And we'll be there to ensure you have guidance and support every step of the way.

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